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Never Lose Your Photos Again, Backup And Transfer To The Cloud For Free

my pc backup free cloud storage

We have all had it happen, photographs, videos or music on your PC, Phone or Tablet lost forever after a crash, a virus or dropping a phone in water.

Laptops and phones are stolen all too often, hopefully your insurance covers the hardware, but any photographs, music or vital files will be gone forever.

Once they are gone you promise yourself you will always backup everything in the future, but then how many of us bother getting an external hard drive to backup to, or a memory stick large enough, and then actually going through the motions of backing everything up, we don't, because it's a pain and we believe it won't happen before we do actually make a copy.

But these days there is a solution, cloud storage.

The beauty of cloud storage is that you don't need to hook up to an external hard drive or memory stick. As long as you are connected to the internet, you are connected to your backups, and your PC, laptop or mobile phone can automatically backup for you. You need never lose anything ever again.

With cloud storage you can transfer anything from one device to another. Backup photos taken on your phone and retrieve them onto your computer. Access everything anywhere in the world. Away on holiday, backup your photos and videos while away, no chance of losing them if you suffer from theft or your devices are damaged.

Cloud storage offers so many advantages, and you can get it for FREE.

MyPCBackup offer free unlimited secure cloud storage. You can add additional features for an extra charge, but you can continue using it for free, the choice is yours.

If you find cloud storage isn't for you, (and we can't think why), then just stop using it, it won't have cost you a penny to find out.

Try MyPCBackup, it's liberating to know that no matter what, you will never lose any precious photographs, videos or vital files again.

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